philafad, Philadelphia Fabricators, Architects, and Designers, is focused on being a network and support system for small-scale Philly businesses within the design and construction world.  We create, collaborate, teach, learn, and share knowledge.  Small businesses grow as networks grow.

How did this get started? Philly is a vibrant, growing city with many people doing, making, and designing exciting things. Founder and Organizer Heather Coyne, licensed architect and currently employed as a Project Manager, decided that she had friends in the fabrication and construction world who needed to meet friends in the architecture world. Thanks to a chance encounter on the subway with a staff member of the City’s Department of Commerce, fate took its course, the first networking event was held, and philafad was begun.

What does philafad do? Plain and simple – we network and we learn and we have fun. The networking comes first, and the learning comes out of sharing experiences and knowledge. The fun is mixed right in. We invite guest speakers to talk on topics that are helpful to small businesses in this industry. How do you make, find and keep contacts? How do you use Social Media to your advantage? How do you develop and explain your Personal Brand?

Who are your members? The list is in process, but we have architects, interior designers, wood and metal fabricators, realtors, builders, architectural photographers, graphic designers, developers, business development professionals, design store owners, and more.

Sounds right up my alley, how do I get involved? Go to the Contact page, fill out the form, and be put on the email list. Then, come and explore and network. Small businesses grow as networks grow.