philafad’s four year anniversary!

Four years ago on a snowy Sunday afternoon, about 25 people gathered together in a rowhome in South Philly to network and to learn from each other. The room was full of my immediate network and the networks of others in the room. On that day, February 9, 2014, philafad started and began to gain traction. Three more events were held that spring. As of this winter, fifteen successful events have brought small businesses in the fabrication, architecture, and design community together.

Thank you to all have been involved in this venture and to all who have supported me, many from the beginning. I’ve met amazing people in Philly in beyond, and have gained introductions to so many interesting folks who are doing good work in the region. My heart is happy when I hear that philafad has fostered collaborations and business partnerships. philafad was started for a selfish reason – I wanted my friends with businesses to thrive and to STAY in Philly. Fortunately, my wish has been granted. Here’s to more years of philafad and to growing the network. Now, Go Make Things.

Heather E Coyne



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